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Many opportunities await GPs to provide fixed crown and bridge treatment with minis for patients who badly need them. In this section, I will give clinicians an in-depth understanding with simplified and easy-to-follow protocols for any dentist to start providing this valuable service to their patients.

#1 – Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor #7 Replacement with MDI
#2 – MDI Single Tooth Replacement in Grafted Site
#3 –
Multiple Unit Fixed Provisionalization
#4 –
Replacing Mandibular Molar with Minis
#5 –
Immediate Provisionalization of Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor with Minis
#6 - MDI Fixed Application for Teeth #8 & 9
#7 – Relocating & Redirecting Minis in Limited Space

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#1 – Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor #7 Replacement with MDI:

40-year old female patient receives mini implant and immediate provisional restoration in less than an hour to replace congenitally missing upper lateral. A life changing visit this patient will never forget! Shows minimal osteotomy and immediate provisionlization of mini implant

#2 – MDI Single Tooth Replacement in Grafted Site:
This segment shows mandibular incisor replacement with mini implant specifically dealing with a site that has been grafted with demineralized allograft.  General principle is thoroughly discussed in dealing with decision on  whether or not to graft when planning mini implant reconstruction for single tooth replacement

#3 – Multiple Unit Fixed Provisionalization:
Most dentists know minis can be used for small anterior tooth replacement.   This segment illustrates how you can restore multiple missing teeth with minis.  It show creating a splinted multiple unit provisionalization in the mandibular anterior segment.  Splinting of minis can offset weakness in strength of mini implants perceived by many clinicians and effectively render successful outcome

#4 – Replacing Mandibular Molar with Minis:
Significant bone resorption in width often occurs after tooth loss.  There are many patients who are unwilling or unable to have bone augmentation surgery necessary for larger diameter implant placement.  For these patients, 2 large minis can be used to replace a missing molar instead of treating that condition with 3 unit fixed bridge.  This teaching segment shows how you can replace missing mandibular first molar using two 2.9mm mini implants

#5 – Immediate Provisionalization of Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor with Minis:
This is a must watch complete teaching segment for anyone interested in treating congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors. It covers necessary background infomation as well as diagnostic and treatment strategy you must know to successfully treat these rewarding cases

#6 – MDI Fixed Application for Teeth #8 & 9:
This segment features a case in which 2 mini implants were used to replace two missing upper centrals for patient with financial restriction and a unsatisfactory flipper

#7 – Relocating & Redirecting Minis in Limited Space:
Invaluable technique is shown in this segment on how to  change  axial position of minis to avoid running into adjacent roots  in a very narrow space.  Also shown is the sequential use of minis with different diameters to minimize the potential damage to adjacent structures.

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