Dr. Choi is very practical and teaches you how to have success with minis! I learned a lot.


My 3rd seminar with Dr. Choi and it was just as valuable as the first. He shares the success and the failures of everyday dentistry we all experience.


Great presentation!! The broad base of knowledge from experience that Dr. Choi draws from is a big plus as a student; Easy to have confidence in the validity of his information.


Very honest, realistic explanation, real situations, solving problems, very pleased. Will come again.


Dr. Choi did a great job of discussing failures and what NOT to do.


Very well organized and presented. Dr. Choi has excellent communication skills.


Excellent course. All my questions were answered.


Dr. Choi is a great lecturer. He gives real life examples. He grabs everyone’s attention because he shows success cases as well as failures. I greatly enjoy his real life experiences and willingness to answer all of my questions. Highly recommended.


I especially enjoyed the humble nature of our presenter. He was not afraid to share his successes and failures with us which allowed the participants to truly learn from his vast experience and knowledge.


I learn something every time I come. Problem solving was the best part.


The course was excellent, simplified and straight forward. Dr. Choi is extremely knowledgeable and gives many personal tips that are pearls of knowledge. I would definitely recommend this course to all my friends.


Dr. Choi was a very interesting speaker and did an excellent job keeping the attention of the audience. I would seek him out again to learn more.


Great course to help take your mini implant surgeries to the next level.


Excellent presentation. Very informative and practical. Many pearls that take the anxiety out of placing minis. My patients will definitely benefit.


Content was great! I liked the practical, real world application of the principles taught during the course.


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