Simplified Dentures for GPs


The most frustrating procedure for GPS is Dentures. In this section learn how to implement and follow protocols appropriate for any GP in providing functionally and esthetically pleasing dentures to their patients. This topic will give you confidence to market and treat a nearly unlimited number of dentures patients in the baby boomer population. I keep it simple – no fancy prosthodontic instruments or techniques used in this
system. Learn how to position your practice to thrive in the next 20 years.

#1 – Why Every GP Must Do More Dentures
#2 –
Overview of Simplified Dentures Concept for General Dentists
#3 –
Simple ABCs of Complete Denture
#4 –
Pre Op Assessment of Denture Patients
#5 –
Impressions for Dentures
#6 –
Determining Vertical Dimension
#7 –
Centric Records
#8 –
Gothic Arch Tracing
#9 –
Denture Occlusion
#10 –
Creating Esthetics for Dentures
#11 –
Denture Insertion & Post Op Care

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#1 – Why Every GP Must Do More Dentures
This segment discusses why every GP should seriously consider getting involved in removables in this changing demographics and economy.  If you are not doing dentures because it is too time consuming, too much headache and not profitable, you must watch this segment.  It will change your perspective and make you want to get into doing more removables for your patients and your practice.  Well fabricated dentures are crucial in long term success of any implant cases, especially minis.  Dentists must be effective in denture techniques if expected to be successful in implant cases and this program will deliver exactly that.

#2 – Overview of Simplified Dentures Concept for General Dentists
This segment explains how this series is structured and what to expect.  This series is named “Simplified Dentures” because it is aimed at helping dentists who do not like doing dentures to learn simplified techniques to improve their removable skills fast and predictably

#3 - Simple ABCs of Complete Denture
This segment discusses key concepts and techniques that are crucial in achieving superior results more predictably

#4 – Pre Op Assessment of Denture Patients
Many dentists get in trouble with denture cases because they lack the skill to screen patients properly before treatment.  This segment reviews what you need to know to quickly assess denture patients to help you prepare patients before treatment and deciding on treatment strategy

#5 – Impressions for Dentures
Most GPs do not have a lot of time or patience to carry out some of the recommended impression techniques we read in journals.  This segment will show you fast, predictable and simple impression technique you and your assistant can carry out without stress of doing things out of daily routine.  It will save you a lot of time and stress in your denture impression appointments

#6 – Determining Vertical Dimension 
Determining vertical dimension for denture patients can be confusing and unpredictable.  We all understand how critical this step means to success of any denture case.  This segment demystifies this whole process for dentists who are novice in removables and will help this step of denture process easier and less stressful

#7 – Centric Records
Most dentists have experienced frustration during wax try in appointment to find that the occlusion created from wax rim bite registration is completely off.    This segment will show you why wax rim bite registration techniques is inaccurate in many dentists’ hands and what you can do to get predictable centric records every time.

#8 – Gothic Arch Tracing 
This one technique will keep you from doing all those remakes and redos .  Proven over time, this simple technique, once learned, will save you a lot of time taking centric record and completely eliminate inaccuracies that arise from using was rim bite technique.  A “Must Learn” technique for any serious restorative dentists, especially interested in long term success of mini implant cases

#9 – Denture Occlusion
Denture occlusion is just as confusing as determining vertical dimension in denture process.  Most dentists simply accept occlusion laboratories send back.  This segment will help you understand different occlusal schemes and select the most appropriate occlusion for any given mini implant cases for ensured long term success

#10 – Creating Esthetics for Dentures
Boomer patients demand more attractive and younger looking appearance from dentists.  Any dentist who can deliver exceptional esthetics in denture will be sought out and be able to command higher fee for their service.  This segment will show you how to create superior esthetics predictably for both male and female denture patients.  Ability you gain from this segment will help set yourself apart from other dentists

#11 – Simplified Dentures:  Denture Insertion & Post Op Care – 13:25 min:
This segment teaches techniques that will  save you from endless and frustrating  post op appointments and start gaining more confidence from your patients.  Practical and simple.

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