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In my experience, maxillary implants have far more complications compared to mandibular cases. This section will give you solid background on how to avoid common problems encountered in treating edentulous maxilla cases. After completing this section, clinicians will be able to prevent and minimize complications.

#1 – Maxilla & Minis Part 1
#2 –
Maxilla & Minis Part 2
#3 – 6 Mini implants in Edentulous Maxilla
#4 –
Vertical Relief of Metal Housings in Maxilla
#5 - 2.9mm Hybrid Mini in Posterior Maxilla
#6 – Maxillary MDI & Bone Spreading for 2.9 mm Hybrid Mini

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#1 – Maxilla & Minis Part 1:
Success rate for mini implants in maxilla is considerably lower than in mandible.  It is more than just a poor bone density. Part 1 of Maxilla series will teach you essential information in understanding why maxilla should be treated with more caution. It will also show help you in properly selecting those cases that would be more successfully treated.

#2 – Maxilla & Minis Part 2:
This Part 2 of Maxilla series will continue to illustrate important principles and strategies for successful mini implant applications in maxilla

#3 – 6 Mini implants in Edentulous Maxilla:
This segment reviews surgical placement of  mini implants  unique to edentulous maxilla including parallelism and  bone density issue

#4 – Vertical Relief of Metal Housings in Maxilla:

This one unique technique will save a lot of maxillary minis in your practice.  You must watch this segment if you will do just one mini case in maxilla.

#5 – 2.9mm Hybrid Mini in Posterior Maxilla:

Using a larger mini implant calls for slightly different strategy than standard mini implant surgical protocol.  This segment shows what you can run into when using 2.9mm mini implant and how to manage situation

#6 – Maxillary MDI &  Bone Spreading for 2.9 mm Hybrid Mini:
Largest mini implant defined by FDA has diameter of 2.9mm.  This large mini implant can be effectively used in maxilla or anywhere you find loose bone.  This segment shows very safe protocol in achieving initial stability of this large 2.9mm mini without cutting away the precious bone in a compromised site

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